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Printing Instructions

There are four networked color printers available on campus:

  • First floor of Pfahler (\\zack2\PfahlerHall)
  • First floor of Olin (\\zack2Olin1Floor)
  • First floor of Myrin Library (\\zack2\myrin1floor)
  • Lower Wismer (\\zack2\wismerll)


  • There is a charge for all printing.
  • Charges are charged to the Bear Bucks account linked to your ID card.
  • There must be a positive balance on your Bear Bucks Account in order to print.
  • You can deposit funds to Bear Bucks in two ways:
    • Online any time through Bear Bucks Account Services
    • At the Business Office on the second floor of Corson Hall(Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.)
  • Ursinus College has deposited $10 in your Bear Bucks account. This will cover 100 one-sided pages.This $10 deposit will be in your general Bear Bucks account, and is not reserved for printing.

If you have any questions, or require assistance, Tech Support is ready to assist you.

Windows Installation

  • Go to your start menu
  • In the field at the bottom type \\zack2 and press enter
  • A window will pop up with the four printers listed.
  • Double click on the printer you wish to install
  • You may be asked if you want to install the driver software for the printer, if so then click the button labeled “Install Driver”.
  • Your computer will finish the installation and connect to the printer.
  • When you get a window popping up that has the printer name at the top your installation is complete.


Directions for Printing

  • Once you have sent your document to the printer of your choice, you will need to release the document from the touch-screen printer kiosk near the printer.
  • On the screen of the kiosk you should find a button with your name on it. Press the button with your name on it.
  • After you select your name, you will be taken to a screen with your current print jobs. Select  the job you want to print and the “Continue” button.
  • You will be taken to a screen that tells you the price of the print job and prompts you to swipe your card in the card reader. The card reader is on the side of the kiosk.
  • After you swipe your card press the “Pay and Print” button
  • You will be informed that your print job has been released for printing at the printer.