About the Area:  Philadelphia

People have been declaring and creating and wondering and denouncing and dancing and thinking in Philadelphia for a long time. This is the birthplace of America!  It was here that the First Continental Congress met in the autumn of 1774; and it was here that the Second Continental Congress, with sixty-five representatives from the 13 British colonies, met repeatedly between May 1775 and March 1781, creating the Declaration of Independence and the Articles of Confederation. In 1787 that same Congress—renamed the Constitutional Convention—wrote the United States Constitution. In Philadelphia was born America.

But Philadelphia is not only America’s birthplace. There are more than 300 years of history here. One can find historic collections of every kind, from rare books and ancient artifacts, to colonial manuscripts and early American implements. Today Philadelphia is a thriving city, proud and without pretense. Industry and arts, education and altruism, introspection and innovation are all done excellently in ‘Philly.’ And 30 miles north of the city, just past Valley Forge where George Washington and his troops had their grueling winter encampment during the Revolutionary War, you will find Ursinus College.

Ursinus students and faculty spend a good deal of time in the city, for education and for fun. Philly is easy to reach by car or by public transportation. Additionally, we participate is a car-sharing program for students who come to campus without vehicles of their own.