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Balance. It's an important word to keep in mind. And it's key to the Ursinus College experience.

At Ursinus, you'll work hard in the classroom. You'll set ambitious goals, and with the help of a dedicated faculty and talented classmates, you'll achieve them. But your college education doesn't just happen in classrooms, labs and libraries. It also occurs in fields, studios, and residence hall rooms; stages, courts, and campus hangouts; coffee houses and bleachers.

The Ursinus experience isn't just what you learn, it's the people you learn with. Students from many states and several foreign countries will be not just your classmates, but your teammates, fellow musicians, partners in community service projects.

You will be prepared for a rich life interacting with a diverse population because you'll have spent your college years getting to know students from a wide range of cultural, ethnic, religious, and socio-economic backgrounds.

There's plenty going on around our 168-acre campus, but when you need a little more action the buzzing metropolis of Philadelphia is only 25 miles away. The Ursinus Philly Connection provides access to one of the nation's largest centers for the arts, biotechnology, information technology, college and professional sports, media, and sales and marketing.


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