How to Request a one-on-one Tutor


Before you request a one-on-one tutor:

  • Schedule an appointment to talk to your professor about how you are doing in the class, and ask questions about the material.
  • If the subject has a resource room (i.e. math help room, physics help room, or writing center), attend and ask the tutors there for help (they are likely the same tutors who would be assigned to tutor your subject.
  • To receive a Chemistry tutor in Oraganic or General Chemistry you must also attend PASS sessions.  You can sign up for PASS by emailing Melissa LoRusso at  Don't wait since the size of PASS sections is small.
  • To receive a Biology 101 or 102 tutor you must also attend SI sessions which are assigned by your class sections in Biology.  Ask your professor for further details.

Although we make every effort to fulfill tutoring requests within a reasonable time frame, there are some factors that can affect our ability to meet your request:

  • Signing up late in the semester after many other students have requested tutors in the same area. (In rare cases a tutor may work with two or three students together to enable as many students as possible to receive help.)
  • Signing up for an advanced level (300 or above) course which only majors take. (Most students who are taking advanced courses in their major, should make an effort to form a study group to prepare for exams if a tutor is not available.)
  • Being too restricted in whom you request as a tutor or when you can meet your tutor. 

Making a Tutoring Appointment

Please complete the Tutor Request Form.

After you have completed the Tutor Request Form and submitted it to the Center for Academic Support (lower level of Myrin Library), you will receive an email identifying your assigned tutor.  Once you’ve received your tutor assignment, you can visit the online scheduler at to schedule an appointment.  

We encourage you to make regular, recurring appointments with your tutor. You are required to meet at least 30 minutes per week with your tutor to a maximum of 120 minutes per week.  There is no cost for this service. 

Questions?  Please email us at


Request One-on-One Tutoring

Become a Tutor

Tutoring Expectations 


Complete an online application here.


Attend Class
A tutoring session is a supplement to class, not a replacement.

Think Preventatively
Pursue tutoring BEFORE your subject matter becomes a problem.

Be Prepared
Bring your books, syllabus, notes, and completed assignments. This allows your tutor to know what is required of you. The completed assignments give your tutor a starting point.

Come with questions for your tutor
The time is yours - make the most of it.

Be realistic in your expectations of tutoring It cannot replace regular, alert attendance in class and thorough, thoughtful studying.