AFAC Allocation Guidelines & Explanations

Below are a number of items intended to explain some of the issues pertaining to group funding from AFAC - should you have any questions concerning the procedures associated with AFAC and the allocation process, please contact Todd McKinney or Jerry Gares.

  1. All budget request forms must be reviewed by the executive board of your organization including the faculty/staff advisor. If your advisor is unavailable – an organization may discuss the request with me for the faculty/staff approval. Your request must still be presented to the appropriate faculty/staff advisor sometime before the end of the academic year.

  2. Your organization’s request must be detailed in full concerning all aspects of any activities, events, trips, conferences, supplies, etc. Please do not over inflate or embellish the amount of the organization’s request – this may cause the committee to cut funds from the request that are deemed exaggerated. All requests should be based on the premise of what it will take to operate the organization in regards to providing a positive organizational experience. No request should be made in regards to funding any academic class programs or projects – monies may not be used in activities where students are receiving academic credit for their participation. 

  3. All expenditures are to be made during the academic year beginning with the start of classes in August and must be completed by Commencement Day in May. Monies may not be spend between mid May and late August without prior approval and discussion as to why the expenditure must be made during the summer months (please contact me if this is the case). Any monies remaining in an organization’s account after June 30, 2013 will revert back to the general AFAC account. Please make all arrangements to pay all outstanding bills or invoice through the college business office by May 31, 2013. If your organization has received monies other than from the AFAC allocation process, please specific the amount (with proof of deposit to the business office) and send to me before June 30, 2013. This may include revenue from fund raisers, contracts with vendors, or dues paid by members of the organization.

  4. Monies requested from AFAC cannot and should not be used to paid coaches, instructors, teachers, etc. The monies from AFAC are intended to assist organizations with operations which do not include stipends or salaries to individuals for advising or assisting the organization. In addition to this – an organization may not pay forward for events or activities to the next academic year with monies that were allocated in a previous year. Also organizations that are found to have “dumped” (spending all of their allocation at the end of the academic year) may be asked to explain why the expenditure is occurring so late in the year. Dumping of the organization’s budget may also affect future allocations depending on the reasons for the dump.

  5. The committee may request evidence concerning use of funds from the previous year – please be prepared to supply the necessary documentation (receipts/invoices) concerning expenditures for the organization’s budget.

  6. Please make all requests as detailed as possible concerning the cost of services or goods associated with the request. List out all items on the budget request form or if needed attach a separate detailed sheet to the budget request form.

  7. Make certain that you read all of the guidelines concerning the AFAC allocation process.

Club / Organization Registration Form 

AFAC BudgetRequest Form