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campus map

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Map Key

  Academic & Administrative Locations   Residence Halls
1 Corson Hall (including Office of Admission) A 944 Main St
2 Unity House B 942 Main St.
3 Berman Museum of Art C 201 9th Ave.
4 Olin Hall D Cloake House (811 Main)
5 Bomberger Hall E Isenberg Hall (801 Main)
6 Myrin Library F 732 Main
7 Hillel House G Elliott House (785 Main)
8 Pfahler Hall H Todd Hall (724 Main)
9 Thomas Hall I 777 Main
9a Wellness Center J Wicks House (716 Main)
10 The Kaleidoscope K Omwake Hall (701 Main)
11 Book Store L Reimert Hall
12 Wismer Center M Curtis Hall
13 Campus Safety N Wilkinson Hall
14 Facilities Services O Brodbeck Hall
15 Floy Lewis Bakes Center (incl. Helfferich Gym) P Lynnewood Hall (702 Main)
16 Ritter Hall Q Schaff Hall
17 Practice Field South R Olevian Hall
18 Patterson Field (football/lacrosse/track & field) S 624 Main
19 Snell Field (field hockey/lacrosse) T Zwingli Hall (620 Main)
20 Baseball Field U Duryea Hall (612 Main)
21 Tennis Courts V Schreiner Hall (600 Main)
22 Softball Field W Musser Hall (23 Sixth)
23 Practice Field North X Hobson Hall (568 Main)
24 Wilkes Field (soccer) XX Sprankle Hall
25 Hunsberger Woods Y Sturgis Hall (26 Sixth)
    Z 30-32 Sixth
    AA Beardwood Hall
    BB Paisley Hall
    CC Stauffer Hal
    DD Richter Hall
    EE North Hall
    FF Fetterolf House (554 Main)
    GG Maples Hall (512 Main)
    HH Keigwin Hall (513 Main)
    II Commonwealth (500 Main)
    JJ New Hall
    KK Barbershop (476 Main)
    LL Clamer Hall (409 Main)
    MM 444 Main
    NN 424-426 Main