University of Rochester

The Simon Business School at the University of Rochester has a Direct Admission Partnership (DAP) relationship with Ursinus College. UC students who wish to pursue their graduate business studies immediately following graduation are qualified to apply to the Simon School and receive benefits including a waived application fee, special merit scholarship consideration, and priority admission consideration. more>

Columbia University - Pre-Engineering

Arrangements have been made with the engineering school of Columbia University to which a student may apply for transfer after completing three years of prescribed work toward a B.A. at Ursinus College. Ursinus will grant the B.A. or B.S. after the student has satisfied the requirements for that degree, usually on satisfactory completion of the fourth year. The engineering school will grant the engineering degree on satisfactory completion of the fifth year. Transfer to other engineering schools (without formal affiliation) is also possible. more>

Drexel University School of Medicine

The Early Assurance Program enables students who are dedicated to a career in medicine to gain assurance of a future place at the Drexel University College of Medicine (formerly MCP Hahnemann School of Medicine). Early assurance enables these unusually talented and committed students an extra degree of freedom in their four year, undergraduate Ursinus experience as they:  1) explore course offerings across the liberal arts and  2) pursue their own distinctive interests and capacities. more>

Howard University

This program allows Ursinus students to attend Howard University in Washington, D.C., under an exchange agreement between the two institutions. Students wishing to participate will normally do so for one semester in their junior year. Students will pay Howard’s tuition and fees.

American University - Washington Semester

Ursinus is one of more than 200 institutions participating in the Washington Semester Program, a cooperative arrangement conducted by American University in Washington, D.C. The program offers several specializations, including the American Politics Semester, the Economic Policy Semester, the Justice Semester, the Foreign Policy Semester, the Journalism Semester, and the Art and Architecture Semester. These programs give selected juniors and seniors an opportunity to work with people and resources in the nation’s capital so as to understand better the dynamics of American politics and policymaking. more>

Saint Joseph's University - Masters Programs

Ursinus College has a long-standing partnership with Saint Joseph's University, which brings two master's degree programs to the Ursinus campus. We offer weeknight and weekend schedules that provide convenience and flexibility for busy employees with promising careers in management and leadership. Graduate degrees are offered from the Haub School of Business. more>

Tokyo Gakugei University, Japan

Since 1991, this exchange program has provided Ursinus students with the opportunity to spend the fall semester at sister school Tohoku Gakuin University in Sendai, Japan. Except for Japanese language, all classes are conducted in English. Admission is competitive and students must have completed some Japanese language courses to be eligible. Please note that because of our sister school status, both grades and credits for this program transfer. The program is open to majors in any subject, and students earn 15 credits in EAS-399.