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Laptop Program

Through the Ursinus College Laptop Initiative, every new student receives a laptop computer upon arrival on campus, and receives an upgrade to the computer at least once again before graduation.  Ursinus has been a "laptopped" campus since the fall of 2000.   

The "Laptop Initiative" is only one aspect of Ursinus' innovative and aggressive approach to using information and computing technologies to enhance teaching and learning in the liberal arts.

Ursinus boasts a robust and reliable computing network environment-- fully wired dorm rooms and classrooms, state-of-the-art projection equipment, high-speed network connections and a high level of support. This infrastructure provides students and faculty with excellent tools to enrich Ursinus' program of liberal education.

The most important benefits of laptop computing for the entire college community are that the powers of direct inquiry, exploration and dialogue are placed in the hands of teachers and learners at virtually any time and in any place. Ongoing collaboration and communication are especially improved by enhancing the college's excellent facilities and the opportunities for student to faculty interaction.

Ursinus believes strongly in the following five advantages of campus-wide laptop computing:

  • Communications: a wired campus where communication is possible virtually any time and any place.
  • Community: an ethical environment where students share values, challenge ideas and arrive at collective community principles.
  • Computer Competence: a functional environment where high-level e-skills are the standard for all faculty and graduates.
  • Equal Access to Computing for All: a college of shared and equal means where, regardless of financial need, no one is left behind.
  • Teaching & Learning Innovation: an intellectually charged environment where cutting-edge resources excite faculty and students with the newest and best educational technologies.

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