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Neuroscience Announces Award Winners!

The Faculty of the Neuroscience Program is pleased to announce various awards and the meritorious recipients for the 2020-2021 academic year.

This year we had five recipients for three Neuroscience awards given annually to exemplary students. The Faculty Prize for Outstanding Achievement in Academics and Scholarship in Neuroscience award was presented to Matthew Fontanese ’21 and Dominique Ballinger ’21 for their outstanding achievements over the last four years at Ursinus, specifically in Neuroscience for which they each received a check and a certificate. Matt and Dominique each plan to further their education after graduation.

The Exceptional Contribution to the Neuroscience Program award was presented to both Karen Herrera ’21 and Jenna Severa ’21, two seniors who exhibited exceptional contributions to the neuroscience program. In addition to receiving a certificate, books were selected by Dr. Ellen Dawley in each student’s area of interest. Karen’s post-graduate plans include studying for the MCATs this summer and applying to medical schools. Jenna has expressed that she will be attending West Chester University for a Master’s in Applied Statistics after graduation.

The Up-and-Coming Neuroscience Major award was presented to Carly Rodriguez ’23 who has established herself as a promising student in the neuroscience major. Carly received a certificate as well as a check.

Congratulations to these students for their dedication to our Neuroscience Program!

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