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Neuroscience Major Dominique Ballinger Describes Honor’s Research.

Dominique Ballinger ’21 has been a long time research student of Dr. Joel Bish. Below she describes her Honors Research:

For my research I performed a meta-analysis, which mean gathering a plethora of sources to run analysis of the degree of impact these various findings have. I was looking at the longevity of the consequences that come after suffering from at least a singular traumatic brain injury. Within this study we looked at the different studies included for age, times since concussion, methods of testing and how many concussions they must look at the different impacting factors of the long-term deficits that comes from mild traumatic brain injuries. I was able to run statistical tests to decipher not only a significant difference in cognitive function within the entire model but also within majority of each sub-categorical covariates that were investigated. These findings then raise the question of what’s next and what should be on the fore-font of the research right now regarding this serious injury.

Life after UC includes taking a two-year gap year working at UPenn doing clinical research coordination for the Circulatory Material laboratory as well as working beside one of the Neuropathologist there helping with one of her current research projects. Then I plan to head to medical school after my approximately two years working.

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