Regalia Information

Grad Caps 2020

The college bookstore partners with Herff Jones to offer regalia rental packages to graduates. 

Attention Graduates:

The bookstore partners with Herff Jones to offer rental packages. The last day to rent regalia was Tuesday, March 14, 2023. If you missed the deadline, please email the bookstore with your name, height, weight, and whether you are graduating with a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science.

The regalia rental package (cap with tassel, hood, and gown) is covered by the commencement fee. 

In addition to regalia rentals, graduates and their families are welcome to purchase graduation announcements and diploma frames through the Herff Jones website as well.

Regalia rental package includes:

  1. One black academic gown (graduates return their gowns)
  2. One mortarboard (graduates keep their caps)
  3. One tri-color tassel - red, old gold, and black (graduates keep their tassels)
  4. One hood - white edging for arts or yellow edging for science (graduates return their hoods)

Regalia Pick-up and Drop-off Instructions:


Regalia FAQs: