Alumni Memorable Minutes

We asked alumni to share with us a memory, anecdote, or special moment from their time at Ursinus. Submit your memory (text or video) and check back for more to be added each month!


Elizabeth Burns Frey ’12 explains the unique Ursinus marriage rate!
John Kravitz ’68 remembers his freshman year Calculus class.
Megan Maccaroni ’14 shares her one of favorite UC memories - sharing dinner with her classmates at the president’s home. Vanessa Wilson Marshall ’02 explains a special moment as a member of the gospel choir.
Cleary Clarke Malley ’92 shares what she loved about her UC experience. Hear Carl Buck ’84 describe the lasting memories he had here at Ursinus!
Legacy student Gail Heinemeyer ’72 remembers her mother, who founded the sorority, “Kappa Delta Kappa” here at Ursinus. Listen to Howard Friend Jr ’62 reminisce about adventures with his student folk group.
Listen to Don and Joan Parlee Class of 1955 discuss how the dining room brought them 60 years of marriage.

Hear Michael Compter ’72 talk about all the different changes his class made in their time at Ursinus College.


Pete Wise ’62 recounts the trouble his friends got into after a fun night out.

Richard Hermann ’66 shares a few stories about pranks but more importantly, he acknowledges the lifelong bonds he made here at UC.
Times have changed, for certain, but Susan Hartenstine Wolf ’67 describes what it was like to be a woman on campus in the 60s. 19 Callahans and Counting!  Barrie Doan Callahan ’72 describes her strong family ties to Ursinus College.
Laverne Joseph ’60 talk about how he became a student conductor. Pete Wise ’62 discusses the spring break trips to Florida that many students use to take.
Alexander Pandelidis ’14 describes his UC experience before going off to medical school. Crysta Zurad ’15 shares how transferring to Ursinus helped her become the happiest she’s ever been.
Jill Alspach ’08 and Jim Alspach ’72 explain the family tradition of coming to Ursinus that spans over five generations. Linda Hardy Kropp ’72 recounts fond memories and greek ties that bind.
Maria D’Arcangelo Poole ’88 and Jennifer Healy Hetrick ’88 describe their thirty year friendship since meeting at Ursinus. Granddaughter to one of the most beloved presidents of Ursinus, Wendy Helfferich White ’81 describes her deep and extensive relationship with the school.