Learning Goals

By the time a student graduates with a major in Art & Art History, she or he should be able to:

1. Discuss her or his own work conceptually, materially, and methodologically, placing it within historical and cultural contexts

2. Write clearly, concisely, and effectively about her or his own work using discipline-specific terminology

3. Demonstrate an awareness of a range of models and approaches for interpreting and analyzing works of art

4. Demonstrate facility with a range of artistic media and processes

5. Feel empowered to take creative and intellectual risks

6. Realize a sustained project or body of work in her or his chosen media

7. Provide substantive constructive critical feedback to peers

8. Develop interdisciplinary approaches to her or his practice

9. Synthesize theoretical learning and practical learning

10. Demonstrate perseverance when approaching challenges that arise during the course of realizing projects