along the Danube

Summer Study Abroad Program

Almost three decades after the Fall of the Berlin Wall, students travel to Europe to investigate the lessons learned from humanity’s recent experience with communism and its aftermath.

This faculty-led study abroad course combines the learning objectives of an economics course on ‘Economies in Transition’ (ECON 223) with an Experiential Learning component achieved through travelling, exploring, and interacting with local individuals, communities, businesses, and organizations with first-hand experience and insights into what it means to live and operate in a formerly centrally-planned country (FCPC) undergoing political, economic, and cultural transformations.

They will ask why some FCPCs are relatively rich while others are poor. The class will travel for three weeks to three FCPC cities such as Berlin, Prague, Budapest, Warsaw, Bucharest. An intensive three week program understanding the inefficiencies of a state directed economy and the challenges and opportunities in devising new institutions and policies to foster a vibrant entrepreneurial economy.

Student Experiences: Photo and Blogs