Sara Vukas

Applying for Certification

The Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) will certify candidates for the provisional Instructional I certificate (Code 61) upon recommendation of the Education chair, who serves as the State Certification Officer for the College. (Pennsylvania requires U.S. citizenship for certification, except for the teaching of foreign languages.)

Teacher Information Management System (TIMS)

The Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) has implemented an online Teacher Information Management System (TIMS). Students who have met all certification requirements, including Praxis II tests and a satisfactory grade in student teaching, should complete the online application on the PDE’s website.  Click on “Access My PDE Applications” under “I Would Like To…” on the left of the screen.

Tips for TIMS:

  • Even if you have completed your coursework at multiple institutions, do NOT say “yes” to that question.
  • When asked if you completed an educator preparation program, say “yes”
  • Be sure to give your institution authorization to access your information; you will be asked twice.
  • Dual majors, one fee: $200.00

Certification Beyond Pennsylvania
(40+ Other States)

Reciprocal agreements extend certification eligibility to 40+ other states, though some states require additional standardized tests. Candidates who wish to teach outside Pennsylvania should contact state education departments for further information. Eligibility for permanent certification in any state depends upon successful full-time teaching and professional development requirements that vary among individual states.

Education Department

p: 610-409-3581
f: 610-409-3764