Field Trips

Whether in our 100-level intro course or upper division classes, students regularly take field trips to significant environmental sites, facilities, and places in the area. 

Field trips are a fundamental part of learning about the complexity of environmental problems, including the social and ecological dynamics that shape diverse places and efforts to reduce the impacts of humans. 

Southeastern Pennsylvania and the surrounding region are home to a plethora of parks, natural areas, and conservation features as well as numerous other facilities related to environmental management and sustainability.

  • Bullfrog Creek stream restoration project site (ENV 100, ENV 452 Land Ethic)
  • Coastal NJ (ENV 372 Oceanography)
  • Composting facilities in the area (ENV 100, ENV 450 Talkin’ Trash)
  • Dolphin watching (ENV 272 Marine Mammals)
  • Area Farms (ENV 340 Community and Sustainable Food)
  • Forests of special significance in the area (Unami Creek/Serpentine Barrens. ENV 338 Forests, ENV 355 Conserving Biodiversity)
  • Geology/Coal (ENV 102 Geology, ENV 105 Environmental Geology)
  • Green Homes (ENV 100)
  • John Heinz NWR (ENV 268 Wetlands)
  • Area Landfills and Waste to Energy facilities (ENV 450 Talkin’ Trash)
  • Ocean/Lake Research (ENV 372 Oceanography)
  • Perkiomen Creek Cleanup (ENV 100)
  • NJ Pine Barrens (ENV 268 Wetlands)
  • Area Recycling facilities
  • Sewage Treatment (ENV 450 Talkin’ Trash)
  • Stone Hill Conservation Area (ENV 454 Sustainability in Urbanizing Watersheds)
  • Suburbia in SE Pennsylvania (ENV 332 Urbanization)
  • New York City (ENV 332 Urbanization)