Student works alongside alumnus at K'Nex during externship over January break.

Experiential Learning

The Experiential Learning Project (XLP) is essential in our Quest curriculum. It’s not only a requirement, it is your own personal encounter that tests your learning in the real world. It will be an important and unforgettable engagement.

The Experiential Learning Project (XLP) helps students take responsibility for their education, and foster student initiative and independence by enhancing their confidence in their own abilities.

We will help develop your skills so that you will thrive in an interdependent world. You must learn to think, study, consider, and act for yourself. One key component of the XLP is for you to learn to shift your perspective from the classroom to settings abroad, to the workplace, and to the laboratory.

Students may complete their Experiential Learning Project requirement in several different ways.  Most students enjoy doing two or more: