Music department offerings are designed to provide an understanding of music through a study of styles and theory as well as performance opportunities. The curriculum is designed to integrate history and theory across historical periods and stylistic idioms while providing ensemble and applied music instruction as a basis for connecting practical and analytical aspects of the discipline.

Beautiful Fall morning captured by Ben Allwein '18

Students who complete a music major can pursue graduate study in various areas, such as performing arts administration, music therapy and business applications.

Opportunities to perform and tour, as well as visits and master classes with professional musicians, make Ursinus an exciting place to get involved in music. Students are offered numerous opportunities to express themselves and to develop their musical talents. Ursinus offers a Bachelor of Arts in Music degree, and also offers minor concentrations in music theory or music history.

Whether your interest is instrumental or vocal, you will find a home in the Ursinus Music Department, and might one day find yourself touring with the Meistersingers in Europe (or singing the National Anthem at a Philadelphia Phillies game), playing alongside a guest artist with the jazz ensemble or doing a command performance at a campus event.  Like us on Facebook for info on upcoming concerts!

If you are a prospective student interested in majoring in Music, learn more about our Performing Arts Scholarship and save the date for audition day February 12, 2022.

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