The Berman National Advisory Council (BNAC) is a formal committee composed of a broad range of individuals with interests in academia and art, including museum professionals, supporters, members of the Ursinus College Board of Trustees, Ursinus College alumni, corporate leaders, the Ursinus College Senior Vice President of Advancement and current Ursinus College students and faculty. The Council is limited to 20 members with the optimal membership being 15. Members serve for two-year terms, with new members selected and invited by the Director and the BNAC Chairperson. Meetings occur twice yearly, in the fall and spring. The Ursinus College Senior Vice President of Advancement and at least one member of the Ursinus College Board of Trustees must be present during voting procedures in relation to acquisitions and deaccessions.

The mission of BNAC is to support BMA staff in its goals and help raise the profile of the Museum, both on the Ursinus College campus, regionally and nationally. Included in its mission, BNAC is charged with: the review, approval and/or denial of potential acquisitions and de-accessioning to the BMA permanent collection; the assessment and approval of formal BMA policies; offering advice and assistance on the programmatic direction of BMA; and helping to identify and solicit potential funding opportunities for the Berman’s developing needs. Through their mission, BNAC members are placed in a unique position to assist both BMA and Ursinus College in achieving higher levels of excellence and recognition.

Patricia R. Cosgrave, Chairperson                  Catherine Kernen
Larry Barocas Joseph Logan
Deborah Barkun Jill Marsteller
Nancy Berman Joan Momjian
Meghan Brodie Kathleen O’Dea
Christopher Dunne Harry Philbrick
Lisa Tremper Hanover Nathan Rein
Rhoda Hershman Catherine Sirizzotti
Selma Holo Lee Stoetzel