January 20 to April 7

Kukuli Velarde

Free, Total, Faithful, and Fruitful

Kukuli Velarde draws from indigenous Peruvian and European Catholic iconographies to engage with the lasting personal and cultural impacts of colonization. In this exhibition, her works investigate faith, female identities, and womanhood.

February 8 to May 12

Sahar Tarighi

Şamaran شاماران: Threads of Transformation

Sahar Tarighi investigates notions of identity, community, and tradition through Kurdish symbolism with particular emphasis on the ancient Şamaran myth.

February 8 to December 15, 2024

Adriane Colburn

Paths of Extraction

Colburn investigates the environmental and economic impacts of local extractive industries: why these raw materials travel through our local area, where they end up, and how traces of them filter into our atmosphere, communities, and bodies.

February 8 to May 12


Through these objects, Ursinus classes will investigate the challenges of collecting, provenance research, and curation. Additionally, students will examine how field professionals facilitate and respond to ongoing aims to “decolonize” museum collections and exhibitions.