Internship Information 2022-2023

Details below provide information about various opportunities for students to consider for internship experiences. Organizations and programs worldwide use the word “internship” to define experiences with varying responsibilities and levels of commitment. The chart below outlines information to help students, faculty, and staff to understand the different types of internships and the possibility for students to earn credit or meet the XLP requirement for Ursinus College.

Internship Type Supervising Department or Office (contact) Meets XLP Requirement Credit Provided Procedure and Process Resources Tips for Troubleshooting and Other Information

Credit internship



Each UC Academic Department approves opportunities for internship credit (students should contact a UC faculty advisor in the department they are seeking credit)

Yes, once credit has been issued for completed internships with a grade of satisfactory

Yes. Approved internships can earn 3 or 4 credits.

3 credit/120 work hours

4 credit/160 work hours

Career and Post-Graduate Development assists students with:

  • Finding opportunities
  • Understanding the credit process
  • Preparing through Canvas course, Internship PREP
  • Prior to securing an internship, students should seek approval from their UC Faculty Internship Advisor
  • Faculty need to email or sign an add form for the student to deliver to the Registrar for this “permission only” course

Community engagement internship


(Angela Upright and Christian Rice)

Yes. Must be pre-approved by UCARE staff and meet hour requirement and reflective component.

Optional. Most experiences are a highly engaged volunteer role.

Students would seek approval from an UC Faculty Internship Advisor and then follow the credit internship process.

UCARE Community Engagement XLP

Students may approach UCARE with a pre-formed idea for an internship, or work with UCARE to develop an internship with one of their 35+ existing partners.

UC Digital Sparks internship


(Maureen Cumpstone)

Yes. There is a competitive application process that is open to all first-year students, sophomores, and juniors.


UC Digital Spark

A stipend is available to student participants.

UC Philadelphia Experience internship

Dean’s Office

(Kelly Sorenson)


Yes. Approved internships can earn 3, 4, or 8 credits.

3 credit/120 work hours

4 credit/160 work hours

8 credit/320 work hours

Ursinus College Philadelphia Experience

CPD career coaches are available to support students as they research internship opportunities

Additional Notes:

  • Students may choose to participate in additional hands-on experiences that do not fall into one of the internship types noted above for the purpose of developing and strengthening their skills; these experiences would therefore not earn credit nor meet the XLP requirement
  • Students should not seek credit or XLP status for internships retroactively; approval should be granted from contacts in the supervising academic departments/offices prior to a student beginning their internship experience
  • Contacting the Academic Standards and Discipline Committee for Exceptions

Internship Credit Process for Students

You can find all of the details about the internship process on the CPD website.

  1. Register for the internship course with your UC Faculty Internship Advisor. Confirm that your faculty advisor has sent an email to the Registrar authorizing your registration.
  2. Complete the Internship Learning Agreement, ILA on Handshake Experience in the Career Center tab. The Site Supervisor and UC Faculty Internship Advisor sections will be emailed directly to the email addresses you provide in the ILA form. Students should track ILA completion progress through their Handshake Experience account.
  3. Complete the Internship PREPcourse on Canvas. Once you are officially registered, the PREP course will automatically appear on your Canvas account. This course is all online and designed to be completed before you start your internship. Internship PREP will open on Canvas 1-2 weeks before the semester begins.
  4. Complete a mid-term and final survey about your experience. Surveys will include reflection on the ILA regarding your learning objectives and future plans.

Note: there are also requirements for the Department providing credit for the internship. Please reach out to your UC Faculty Internship Advisor for a description of those requirements.

Questions regarding this information:

Please direct to the contact person for the related supervising department or the
office of Career and Post-Graduate Development:
Michele Poruban or