Digital Liberal Arts

The Digital Liberal Arts Working Group at Ursinus (or DLA@UC) and the DLA Fellows promote conversation between the liberal arts and twenty-first century technologies. 

The working group’s purpose is to:

Foster experimental thinking and understanding

  • Validate new approaches to teaching and research/scholarly work and bridging the teacher/scholar divide
  • Expose students more directly to subject areas: experiential in terms of unveiling method & messiness (complexity)
  • Maintain flexibility in engaging a constantly shifting area
  • Create a culture of accessibility

Support the integration of digital technologies into planning of courses/research teaching

  • Provide training and help students, faculty, and staff acquire necessary tools
  • Build and expand digital literacy (data management practices)

Advance the digital liberal arts beyond traditional disciplinary boundaries

  • Introduce/integrate tools into multiple disciplines
  • Create bridges for genuine interdisciplinary thinking and collaboration
  • Balance practical and theoretical skills and concerns involved in digital work
  • Foster student professional development

Document & promote digital initiatives on campus

  • Promote/make visible contributions across campus
  • Collaborate with Library/IT to support faculty & student projects
  • Encourage open source/open access where possible & practical

Digital Liberal Arts Fellows

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Faculty Digital Projects

Mapping Literary Visions

Student Digital Projects

Student Omeka Exhibits

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