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February 14 - Reminder: Testing Moved to Thursdays and Other Important Updates



–Beginning this week, testing takes place every Thursday.

–Tomorrow, Wismer opens for eat-in dining.

–Students may also visit other residence halls and find expanded rec activities in the field house.

–Our students’ first–and well-deserved–break day is Thursday.


Dear Campus Community,

We have a few important updates to share as we head into the fourth full week of classes. Most of what I am about to share is the result of our transition to antigen testing, which has allowed us to be more agile in responding to positive cases.

The first of those important changes is our new testing schedule. As we explained on Friday, we are now conducting all mandatory tests for the remainder of the semester every Thursday, from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. We ask you first consider your normal time slot for Thursday and, if that won’t work, consider other times that day. Only those few students who have extenuating circumstances (significant class conflicts, for example) should contact Laura Moliken at lmoliken@ursinus.edu to see if there is any Wednesday morning availability. Please remember that we will continue to use PCR tests to confirm any positive antigen results and that contact tracing will begin on Thursdays and likely conclude on the weekend.

Faculty and staff who are on-campus and regularly engaging with students should plan to participate in the Wednesday morning testing anytime between 8:30 a.m. and noon.

Also beginning tomorrow, Monday, February 15:

  1. Upper Wismer will re-open for in-person dining. It is especially important that all physical distancing guidelines and other mitigation measures be followed in the dining hall. Furthermore, all Sodexo employees will begin participating in on-site testing starting this week.
  2. Students will be permitted greater flexibility to visit residence halls other than their own. Please be responsible and take care to look out for one another. It is important to note that external visitors are still not permitted access to campus or the residence halls.
  3. Recreational activity in the field house is returning to normal, and the basketball nets are being lowered. Everyone using the field house must wear masks at all times.

Additional details will be posted to our “What’s Up, Ursinus?” Instagram account throughout the week.

In addition to these expanded options, we sincerely hope our students enjoy the first of their five “break days” this upcoming Thursday. We encourage you to make time for rest and relaxation. Give yourselves a well-deserved break from classwork and pursue some personal interests. And remember that faculty and staff are fully supportive and are committed to making these days as reinvigorating for our students as possible. You deserve nothing less!

We’ve had to work our way through several unique challenges these last few weeks. As always, I’m grateful for the resilience of our students, faculty, and staff, who continue to demonstrate that our community can accomplish so much when working together.

Go Bears!

President Blomberg