Wellness Center

February 17 - Testing Moved to Friday This Week and Important Break Day Reminder



–Thursday’s test will now occur on Friday due to inclement weather.

–We encourage everyone use Break Day for rest and re-invigoration.

–Important course-driven deadlines should be avoided on Thursday and Friday.


Dear Campus Community,

I would like to take a moment to remind our campus about Break Day and to update you on a change to this Thursday’s testing schedule.

For the first few weeks this semester, our students have worked hard. They’ve accomplished a lot, have been there for one another and continue to do great things. And they deserve a break.

This Thursday, February 18, is the first of five Break Days this semester. We’re asking all our students to please take time to rest and recharge here on campus. You have earned it.

Faculty are also encouraged to put classwork aside for the day–for their students and for themselves. We strongly recommend that faculty avoid implementing any important course deadlines for either Thursday or Friday of this week and give themselves as much of a break day as possible.

That day should become even more restful, now that we are expecting inclement weather conditions yet again. The impending ice and freezing rain will likely make campus hazardous.

As a result, we are postponing this Thursday’s testing session until Friday. Any students who can’t make Friday may instead come to the field house this morning at their convenience.

For the safety and well-being of the entire campus, we again ask students to remain on campus during the break days and to approach any activities or down time in a responsible manner that puts the health of you and your peers first. This is especially the case now that the weather looks troublesome. Please check the online calendar for several optional activities scheduled around break days.

We know how exhausting these last few weeks of winter have been. Enjoy the break, stay warm and be well. Thank you, as well, to all faculty and staff for your tireless commitment to Ursinus and our students!


President Brock Blomberg