Wellness Center

April 12 - Information and Registration for Vaccine Clinic

Dear Campus Community,

As was just discussed in the Zoom call with Montgomery County’s Dr. Liz Van Aulen, we are working feverishly to prepare for this Thursday’s on-campus vaccination clinic. We are appreciative of the support from Rite-Aid and the county’s office of public health in bringing this exclusive opportunity for our current students, faculty, and staff.

We now have a few additional details to share. The following information can also be found on our vaccination website at www.ursinus.edu/vaccinations.

–We anticipate having more than 1,000 Moderna vaccines to distribute on Thursday. You can now register for a timeslot at https://go.ursinus.edu/VaccineRegistration. It is important you sign up for only one slot. All registrants will receive an appointment reminder via email approximately 12 hours before the event to confirm your time. Note: For the ColleagueID field, this value can be found on your Ursinus ID badge; if your ID is not accessible, leave the field blank.

–All participants must have a completed consent screening form, a valid ID, and an insurance card with them in order to be granted access. A print-out of the consent screening form will be available for students at Wednesday’s mandatory testing session; all registrants can also download the form on our vaccination website.

–Once you receive the dose, you must remain on site for an additional 15 minutes. This is standard and allows event organizers to monitor participants for any reaction to the vaccination.

–You cannot receive a vaccination if you have just tested positive for COVID-19. If you have tested positive, you are eligible once you have completed 10 days of isolation and are not symptomatic.

–Last, all registrants should be available to receive their second dose on Monday, May 10. That clinic will be hosted on campus.

Any new information about this Thursday’s vaccination clinic will be posted to our website. Please see the link above and spend time reviewing that page over the next few days.

Once again, we are excited about this opportunity. Rite-Aid has asked for Ursinus volunteers to assist throughout the day. If you are willing to do so, please email the Wellness Center’s Ellen Macionsky at emacionsky@ursinus.edu with your name, and she’ll respond within the next day with further details.


Brock Blomberg, President
Lauren Finnegan, Director of Counseling and Wellness