Wellness Center

May 27 - Information on Vaccination Requirement for Ursinus Students

Dear Ursinus Community,

I hope this message finds you well and rejuvenated!

In a previous campus communication, I committed to providing an early summer update about the fall semester and any changes to our existing COVID-19 guidelines. I write today with news that Ursinus College will now require vaccinations of all students taking classes on campus this fall semester.

We take the responsibility for our students’ health seriously. For the past several weeks, the college’s Virus Task Force has kept apace of the CDC’s and the state’s evolving guidelines, and they remained in regular contact with health officials from Montgomery County. These authorities, as well as notable organizations such as the American College Health Association (ACHA), have determined that vaccinations are not only safe, but they continue to be the most effective long-term defense against the transmission of the virus. The ACHA specifically recommends vaccination requirements.

On June 17, we will provide further information about this new requirement, including details for those few students who may seek an exemption for medical or religious reasons. At that time, the task force will also outline revised on-campus testing requirements for students who remain unvaccinated.

Thank you for supporting this important endeavor. Ursinus College is just one of more than 400 other colleges that now require all current students to be fully vaccinated prior to their arrival to campus this August (https://go.ursinus.edu/ChronicleList). Many of our fellow Centennial Conference colleges have come to this conclusion as well. The greater our vaccination rate, the more enjoyable-and safe-our residential community’s experience will be this next year.

We must work together to promote the well-being of each and every one of us. I wish you all a relaxing and invigorating summer, and I look forward to seeing you well rested for the fall semester!

Go Bears!

President Brock Blomberg