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August 27- ACTION REQUIRED: NAVICA App and Connecting Ursinus

Dear Student,

Last week, we announced our new testing procedure using the free NAVICA App from Abbott, the manufacturers of our rapid antigen tests. That email is included below. You then received an automated email from NAVICA inviting you to download the app and connect to Ursinus using a one-time code.

This app is important, as it streamlines your testing experience. It also allows us to share results and manage our data collection in an even more transparent manner.

Our records indicate that you have not yet connected to Ursinus. Later this afternoon, you will receive a fresh invitation email from NAVICA with instructions on how to install the app, sign up for an account, and connect your account to Ursinus with your new code. If you have already downloaded the app and created an account, you just need to skip to step 3 in the email to connect to Ursinus.

Please complete all steps at your earliest convenience. Connecting before coming to campus will ensure that your first test is fast and convenient and your check-in process will go more quickly.

Thank you,

Missy Bryant
Vice-President for Student Affairs
Dean of Students

Email from Tuesday August 17th:

Dear Students,

This academic year, we will again use Abbott’s rapid antigen tests to perform all COVID-19 testing on campus. To improve this process–and to make it more convenient for you–we’re going to use a free NAVICA mobile app to perform tests and report results. The app will speed up the testing process and allow you to receive your positive or negative result as soon as it is available.

This afternoon, you will receive an email directly from NAVICA’s automated system with the subject line “NAVICA Invitation from Ursinus College.” Please read it carefully and follow the directions, which will outline how to install the app on your phone; create an account; and associate your account with the Ursinus testing centers by using a code.

We ask that you keep in mind the following details when you create your account:

1. Please use your ursinus.edu email when prompted for an email address.

2. If you live on campus, please provide the college’s address (601 E. Main Street, Collegeville, Pa., 19426) when prompted for your address. Per state law, results are automatically reported to the CDC and if you live on campus, this address–rather than your home address–reflects where you are during the fall semester.

3. Completing all the steps outlined in the email from NAVICA will save time when you come for your first on-campus test.

As a reminder, all students will need to be tested upon arrival. First-year students should test using the app on Thursday, August 26, and all other students should test on Sunday, August 29. Students who commute are expected to follow this process as well. Throughout the semester, unvaccinated students will be tested every week and vaccinated students will be tested every three weeks.

Thank you, Bears, for your cooperation as we all work hard to keep our campus as safe and healthy as possible this year.


Mark Schneider
Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the College
Virus Task Force chair