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August 23 - Ursinus Testing Schedule Information for Fall Semester

Good morning, students!

With the first week of classes drawing to a close, we wanted to turn our attention to a new testing schedule that will remain in place for the remainder of the semester. This requires some action on your part, so I ask that you read this email closely.

Routine testing is a critically important way to measure our campus’s health. Beginning next Monday, September 6, the college will conduct testing on a daily basis, offering a larger selection of days to fit your schedule. At this point, students approved for a vaccination exemption, or who are not yet two weeks past their final vaccine shot, will be tested once every week. Students who are fully vaccinated will be tested every three weeks.

As was the case last semester, all students must once again use the “Pick A Time” scheduling software to select a preferable timeslot. When you visit that page, you’ll find instructions on how to choose one of three “block” options; each block rotates every three weeks. Students who have a vaccine exemption or who are not fully vaccinated should choose any timeslot under “Block A,” which becomes their weekly reservation. 

You can reserve your slot now at this link: https://ursinus.edu/PickATime.

Additionally, we will only use the NAVICA app to process your testing results. Every student should have downloaded that app and completed a user profile by this point.

The college’s dashboard will be updated every Friday morning with the previous seven days of on-campus testing results, and we’ll post a snapshot of the campus’s health every Friday morning on the “What’s Up, Ursinus?” Instagram account. Please remember that registered events will continue to be permitted as long as Ursinus remains in the “low” or “moderate” transmission rate category that is outlined on the dashboard.

A few other important reminders: if our transmission rate remains in the “low” or “moderate” category, we intend to relax our guest visitation policy beginning the week of September 13. Second, all students—as well as faculty, staff, and other visitors—are expected to wear masks in all academic indoor venues as well as indoor public settings, with the exception of your residence hall. That mask protocol, including the full coverage of both the mouth and nose, will remain in place indefinitely—at least until transmission rates in the surrounding areas improve.

We are beginning a fall season in much better circumstances than in the fall of 2020, and though the Delta variant has again created some cause for concern, we are hopeful in our outlook. Thank you for your support and cooperation to Defend the Den!



Mark Schneider, Chair of the Virus Task Force
Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the College