Wellness Center

November 17 - Important COVID Status Update and Health Measures

Dear Students,

As the semester rushes into the concluding weeks, I wanted to give you an update on the COVID-related status of the campus and the surrounding community and ask for your help in keeping the college as healthy as possible as the semester winds down.

The regional infection rate has increased recently, remaining at a high rate of infection. On campus, the rate of infection is at a moderate level, but noticeably higher than early in the semester. Most of these infections trace to interactions off campus; there does not appear to be any significant transmission on campus. Nevertheless, we want to make sure that the campus continues to be considerably healthier than the surrounding community, so we ask you to take the following measures to help:

–Regardless of your testing week (A, B, or C), if you have had significant travel off campus or contact with others from off campus over the past week, come by the testing center in Myrin to get a COVID test. If possible, come at your regularly scheduled day and time to allow us to avoid lines.

–Next week, the Myrin testing center will only be open Monday and Tuesday (November 22-23) at regular times. You may drop in without appointment if you wish to get tested before the Thanksgiving break.

–Following Thanksgiving break, we would like all students to come by the testing center to test November 29 through December 3. Please come at your regularly scheduled day and time (whether you are on Block A, B, or C) to allow us to avoid lines.

Given the recent increases in infection rates, we want to remain vigilant in our efforts to keep the campus significantly safer than the surrounding area. Vaccination has been our most effective tool, but regular testing coupled with common sense precautions when practical, like masking and physical distancing, are important as well.

Keep well, and good luck with the rest of the semester.


Mark Schneider
Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the College
Chair of the Virus Task Force