Library and Information Technology

Library and Information Technology releases new website

The Library and Information Technology department has created a new website that is more streamlined and easier to navigate for our users. Previously the LIT department had three separate websites: one for the library, one for IT, and one for LIT as a whole. Now all of our information has been combined in one place at Most of the technology-related information has been organized into a section called Tech Services & Support. Library information has been re-organized and moved into a new Library section. Meanwhile, material related to instructional technology and our digital fluency initiative can be found under Teaching & Learning. Most of our pre-existing web content is still available, but some of the more-detailed documentation has been moved to the LIT Knowledgebase, where it will be easier to manage, update, and reference over time. We hope you find our new website helpful and easy to use. If you have trouble finding anything, try searching the college website or the knowledgebase or contact us for assistance.