Ursinus Announces Gateway Scholarship

The program is geared toward making Ursinus an affordable option for high-achieving students.

Ursinus College is providing any eligible first-year, full-time student with financial assistance that will cut the total annual cost of attending the college nearly in half.

Geared toward making Ursinus an affordable option for high-achieving students, the Gateway Scholarship will guarantee eligible students $30,000 per year for four years.

The program greatly reduces student loan debt carried by Ursinus students after graduation, and answers a national call for colleges and universities to directly address rising college costs and the student loan debt crisis.

“Through this groundbreaking financial assistance program, Ursinus seeks to alleviate the burden many college students face and grant greater financial access to the many outstanding, high-achieving students who seek a dynamic and transformative liberal arts education,” Ursinus College President Brock Blomberg says. “This scholarship brings Ursinus within reach to many students and their families.”

The total cost for Ursinus for the 2016-17 school year is $61,690, including $49,370 in tuition and fees, and $12,320 for room and board.

Every student who applies to Ursinus will be considered for the Gateway Scholarship. To be eligible for the financial support, students must meet Ursinus’s college prep-level course requirements and earn a minimum of an ACT composite score of 28, or a combined 1260 on the critical reading and math section of the SAT.

“We’re doing this because we want to encourage high-achieving students to think of an Ursinus education as an affordable option,” says David Tobias, vice president for enrollment at Ursinus College. “Increasingly, private schools are pushing the middle class out when you consider how federal financial aid is structured. Over the last several years, we have increased our funding to students. That has been part of our mission and our identity and it will continue through this program.”

Students who qualify for the Gateway Scholarship may still apply for additional need-based financial aid. Tobias says Ursinus has greatly increased its institutional commitment to financial aid in the last decade, and believes that every student who has sustained academic excellence deserves to be rewarded for their successes.

“We want students from all socioeconomic backgrounds to take advantage of the experiences an Ursinus education offers,” Tobias says. “Personal relationships with high-level faculty, research opportunities as early as your first year, and putting your education at the center of the conversation — this doesn’t happen at larger universities. It’s ultimately why Ursinus is a place that provides a return on your investment.”

This summer, Ursinus was recognized on the Forbes Top Colleges list for return on investment based on student success and satisfaction, and has been named as one of ten “undervalued buys” by Forbes. –by Ed Moorhouse