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Students make the most out of their time during the pandemic... with a Handshake?

“Handshake” and “pandemic” are two concepts that typically do not align. In this era of physical distancing, encouraging students to use something called “Handshake” may seem quite ironic.

It turns out that the COVID-19 pandemic is the best time to dive into Ursinus College’s Handshake system. Our current world is one in which obtaining internships/jobs is more challenging due to fewer available opportunities and unexpected barriers to traditional networking and interviewing. Handshake can be exactly what students need to help them to overcome these challenges and develop answers to the open question, “What Will I Do?”.

Career and Post-Graduate Development is challenging each Ursinus student to complete (or update) their profile in Handshake by the end of the fall semester. There are many benefits to having a completed profile, including:

1) Student Handshake dashboards will be populated with more opportunities related to what they are seeking.

2) CPD can reduce the amount of general emails to students in favor of information that matches their preferences. This can only happen if the profile is complete!

3) Students with a complete profile are 5x more likely to be messaged by employers in the Handshake system.

Below are some additional “Fun Facts” about Handshake which students may not know:

  • There are approximately 400K employers in the Handshake network representing all fields and across 50 states.
  • Students have a built-in network of other students, from Ursinus and elsewhere, in Handshake. They can connect with them to compare notes, learn about different employers and career fields, and ask questions.
  • There is a convenient app for Handshake so that the system can be used on a smartphone.
  • In Handshake you will find part-time and full-time jobs, internships, and on-campus student employment.

Additional information on Handshake and how to use it can be found on the Career and Post-Graduate Development website.

Finally, we would like to leave all students with one final challenge:

Spend some time in Handshake exploring the opportunities that are available. Before the end of the semester, submit at least one application for something which intrigues you and matches your interests. You just might be surprised!

For additional information, contact Career and Post-Graduate Development at career@ursinus.edu.

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