Staff and Faculty Stories Reveal a Would-be Astronaut and Former Steel Mill Worker Among Us

In support of this year’s Job, Internship and Networking (JIN) Fair on February 24, the Office of Career and Post-graduate Development has launched “Giving Some Love to Our Jobs,” a collection of stories about the early work experiences of 25 staff and faculty members.

A biology professor who once drove the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile. An English professor who once led tours to the top of Pikes Peak. An associate vice president who once worked in a steel mill. One member of the mathematics and computer science department who wanted to be an astronaut and another who worked as a restaurant dishwasher. Among the unique career paths such as these emerge common themes, such as how mentors and internships hold incredible value, and how leaving the wrong job can lead to the right job.

The goals of the initiative are to illustrate the importance of early work experiences and inspire students to consider how these “lessons learned” might impact their own search for a job or internship at the upcoming JIN Fair, which is being held online in conjunction with the Maryland and Pennsylvania Liberal Arts Career Fair.

Students are encouraged to register for the fair as soon as possible and sign up for sessions with employers that interest them.

The stories from faculty and staff will be on display in Myrin Library through February 24 and can be viewed here.