Modern Languages

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Giovanna Steyaert

She holds a B.A. in Education from the Instituto Pedagógico Nacional Monterrico, and a M.Sc. in Applied Linguistics from the University of Edinburgh. Prof. Steyaert teaches and coordinates the elementary and intermediate Spanish courses. She specializes in the assessment of oral proficiency and is certified by ACTFL as an OPI (Oral Proficiency) tester/rater and as an AAPPL (Assessment of Performance toward Proficiency in Languages) tester/rater.

She comes from a culturally diverse background, having taught in Peru, Italy, and Scotland. At Ursinus she directed the Ursinus in Madrid semester-long program in 2007, 2009, and 2011. Locally, Prof. Steyaert leads many volunteering programs: Spanish book clubs, children Story Times; ESL classes, after schools for Hispanic children, and Pottstown’s annual Latin Festivals.


Modern Languages


  • B.A. Instituto Pedagógico Nacional Monterrico
  • M.Sc. University of Edinburgh