Campus Safety

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Pete “Pedro” Looft


Pedro joined the Ursinus College Campus Safety Team in February 2007.  Pedro has a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Business Administration from Kutztown University.  Pedro participated in intercollegiate soccer and baseball along with club indoor soccer, floor hockey, volleyball, badminton and ice hockey. Pedro previously worked in the Safety and Risk Management field with various local companies specializing in Corporate Safety Training, injury reduction, and workers’ compensation claims management minimization combined with expertise in Occupational Health & Safety Administration Compliance.

Pedro is a proud donor for the American Red Cross accumulating 265 units of blood donated.  Pedro first donated 20 gallons (160 units) of whole blood and later transitioned to donating platelets to assist cancer patients, many units of which transferred to the University of Pennsylvania Children’s Hospital to assist juvenile cancer patients.

Pedro is passionate and caring when working with all students and Pedro states: “I enjoy working with all Ursinus students, particularly the first year students that are seeking guidance and positive encouragement in the educational process.”