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Mark Schneider

Mark B. Schneider, a professor and former associate dean at Grinnell College in Iowa, assumed his position at the start of the academic year on July 1, 2017.


A noted physicist, Schneider earned his bachelor’s degree in physics at Carleton College in Northfield, Minn. and his master’s and doctoral degrees in physics at Princeton University. Schneider served on the faculty of both Princeton and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill before joining the faculty of Grinnell College in 1987. He has also held visiting research positions at Harvard University and Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd.

During his time at Grinnell College, Schneider established the award-winning Grinnell Science Project, which is committed to developing the talents of all students interested in science and mathematics, especially those from populations underrepresented in the sciences.

Schneider served as science division chair from 2002-04 and became a full professor at Grinnell College in 2007. He is the widely-published author of numerous articles and other published works in physics, physics education, and higher education policy, and his research interests include the quantum nature of light and fundamental symmetries in nuclear and atomic physics.

Schneider added college-wide administrative responsibilities when elected to a term as chair of the faculty in 2008-10, and in 2011 when he was appointed associate dean of Grinnell College, reporting directly to the vice president for academic affairs. In that latter role, he implemented many innovative programs, including efforts to enhance new faculty programming and mentorship, assessment, retention and diversity.

Schneider periodically posts his thoughts about higher education and Ursinus College on his Wordpress blog,