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Help Room and Group Tutoring Schedules

Below are the various tutoring options that are available to students, but you should prepare for each of these before seeing a tutor or attending a group tutoring session. Tutoring is most beneficial when you arrive prepared for the tutoring session. Additionally, your preparation demonstrates to the tutor that you value their time and respect their effort.

Here is how you can get the most out of your tutoring experience:

  • Attempt the homework or assignments before going to a tutoring session. Pinpoint the areas that you are having difficulty with.
  • Develop an agenda for the session. Include any topics you want to go over and specific questions you have about the material.
  • Bring your notes, textbooks, laptop, or any other materials you may need to refer to during the tutoring session.
  • Attend your professor’s office hours in addition to seeing your tutor.

Help Rooms

Help rooms offer help on a walk-in basis and are open each week at designated times. Tutoring for these subjects is only available through the help rooms. The links below provide each help room’s schedule.

Help Room schedules are posted during the first week of classes. Help Rooms open during the second week of the semester.

Genetics Help Room

History Help Room

Math and Computer Science Help Room

Physics Help Room

Group Tutoring

Anatomy & Physiology Small Group Tutoring (APPS)

For BIO-205/206, these small groups meet weekly to discuss the concepts covered in Anatomy & Physiology. Click the link to learn more information and apply to be a part of the program.

Peer-Assisted Study Sessions for General and Organic Chemistry (PASS)

PASS is for CHEM 107, 151, 108, 205, and 206. These small groups meet weekly for an hour to go over sample problems. Click the link for more information.