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Dan Becker

In my role as Admission Counselor, I work with students and families through the admissions process. I work specifically with students from Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, California, Arizona and the Pacific Northwest.


It seems like only yesterday that I committed to study at Ursinus. During my time as a student I fell in love with college admissions. I worked as a Gold Ambassador for three years, and had the honor of working as a Senior Admission Fellow during my senior year. After graduating in May of 2019, I decided that four years just wasn’t enough time with Ursinus. As much as I loved being a part of the Ursinus community, I love helping new students find their way here even more. Ursinus is a fantastic community full of passionate young scholars all driven to learn and grow together. They’re the kind of people that hold the door open for you, and smile when they do it. If you have any questions about the Ursinus experience, or the college admission process, please let me know.


Ursinus College ’19, B.S. Psychology & Philosophy