• Matthew Balestriere

Matthew Balestriere

About our research

I conduct research in an organic chemistry lab under Dr. Ryan Walvoord. Within his lab, we focus on fluorescent chemical molecules that are used in a variety of medical, environmental, and biological ways as tags and markers. Specifically, I am focused on how the structure of these molecules affects their brightness.

My research experience

I was fortunate enough to participate in the Summer Fellows program where I was living and working on campus for eight weeks over the summer on this project. Only having to work and focus on research over these eight weeks really allowed me to become fully enveloped within the project and to make strides in obtaining useful data within my research. During Summer Fellows, I synthesized new and unique compounds that have not been made previously. Being able to say that I made and collected totally new and relevant chemical data, especially as an undergraduate, is a great feeling. The opportunity to work so hands-on with a project and to really take ownership especially while still an undergraduate is an unique experience. The valuable tools I learned while working in a lab such as taking ownership and pride of a project in addition to working through struggles and challenges will undoubtedly benefit me in medical school. I plan on continuing research throughout the rest of my time at Ursinus College and hopefully into medical school and beyond.






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Life After Ursinus

I plan on going into medicine post-graduation, specifically anesthesiology.