• Natalie Jump

Natalie Jump

University of Maine School of Law


Environmental Studies


Why did you choose this law school?
I loved the small law school environment! I had a great time on my visit and fell in love with Portland. Maine Law also has a great environmental law program, and they offer the opportunity to earn a Certificate in Environmental and Oceans Law which is not available at most law schools.

Where else were you accepted?
Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University, Villanova University Charles Widger School of Law, Georgia State University College of Law, and New England School of Law

What are your future plans (in law school and beyond)?
I plan to pursue the Certificate in Environmental and Oceans Law at Maine Law. Additionally, I want to work with the local community in Portland to serve their legal needs as a student. After law school, I want to work on helping adapt, improve, and implement environmental policy.

What other interesting thing can you tell us about yourself?
I was actually born in Maine and lived there until I was six before moving to Georgia. I am super excited to be returning to Maine for law school!

Impact of Ursinus

How has Ursinus prepared you for law school?
Ursinus helped me to improve all of the skills I will need to be successful in law school. My writing and public speaking abilities improved dramatically throughout my four years at Ursinus by taking classes such as Legal Writing and Oral Argument, Public Speaking, and more.

What was your most memorable moment in class (or otherwise)?
I think my most memorable moment from a class was winning the oral argument competition in Moot Court with my partner Alexa McCall. We worked so hard preparing and improving our argument for weeks, and it was so rewarding to win the whole competition at the end. Our professors even got us trophies for winning!

How did you stay involved on campus?
I always explored opportunities on campus when I thought that something sounded interesting! On campus, I am a Scholar in Service, a Sustainability Fellow, the Co-President of the Pre-Law Society, the Vice President of Wismer on Wheels, a member of the Women’s Volleyball Team, and more. The small school environment made it really easy to find and get involved in things that I was passionate about.