• Life After Ursinus Podcast Episode 17 Anupy Singla

Episode 17: Cooking Up a Career

In this episode, our host, Johnny Myers ’19, sits down with cookbook author and journalist, Anupy Singla ’90.

About this Episode

Anupy and Johnny discuss the process of writing a cookbook and the inspiration behind the recipes, as well as Anupy’s time at Ursinus and how her liberal arts education helped shape the path she is on today!

Though she was raised outside of Philadelphia, Anupy was born in India and grew up visiting her grandfather’s childhood village in the heart of Punjab. She first learned to cook traditional, spicy Punjabi-style food from him. This passion eventually compelled her to leave her job as a reporter and teach her young girls how to appreciate good Indian food. She started a blog about the experience called Indian as Apple Pie and founded a company with the same name.

Anupy has also written for the Chicago Tribune, The Wall Street Journal, and other newspapers and magazines. Her newest book, Instant Pot Indian, came out at the end of April.

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