Philosophy and Religious Studies

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Christa Johnson

Impact of Ursinus

As a philosophy major at Ursinus, I improved my writing, my critical thinking, and my ability to analyze and defend arguments. Philosophy majors have a number of options after graduation, including law, politics, ethics, and teaching. Some students double-major, since training in philosophy enhances study in other majors.

The philosophy department works with its majors to provide interesting classes. The professors challenge us through class discussions: we’re often called on to defend our positions against counterarguments. The professors challenged me to present at undergraduate conferences, aided in my honors thesis, and helped me get admitted to five PhD programs.

The atmosphere is tight-knit. Over four years, I got to know my professors and fellow majors better than I ever expected. We spent time with each other outside of the classroom, not out of necessity, but because we genuinely wanted to. I am continually grateful for the way the department was there for me and its students as a whole during my four years at Ursinus and even now over a year later.

Where am I now?

I’m currently doing research on the problem of weakness of will in a PhD program at Ohio State University.