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  • Mario Da Costa

Mario Da Costa

Mário oversees Ursinus’ efforts to raise our campus’ visibility across national, regional, and local audiences, partnering with community stakeholders to maximize the impact of our campus and community-based initiatives.


Mário Da Costa, who joins Ursinus College as the newly minted (and first ever) Director for Public Affairs, bringing roughly a decade’s worth of experience in federal and state politics to Collegeville.

Most recently serving as the advocacy director for the Today’s Students Coalition, a coalition of 40+ organizations with the focus of restructuring our systems of higher education to better respond to the unique needs and challenges of today’s post-secondary learners, Mário has worked in a variety of capacities throughout the political sector – managing federal affairs campaigns, supporting strategic communications/research, directing state-based lobbying efforts, and leading GOTV & canvassing efforts for candidates across the spectrum, including in Philadelphia.

Mário’s interests range beyond the world of education/politics, as he previously worked as a cook in several NYC restaurants, competed as a semi-professional MMA fighter, and wrote/produced music for a few artists. Mario holds a B.A. in Political Science from Seton Hall University (Go Pirates!) and is an aspiring sommelier.

When he’s not at work, you can usually find Mario doing something outdoors, building or renovating some antique, or behind a good book or an equally good bourbon. Which means the first few happy hours are completely on him.


  • Seton Hall University, BA in Political Science and Sociology
  • Temple University, Certificate in Grant Writing Strategies
  • Postsecondary National Policy Institute, Certificate in Federal Financial Aid