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Rebecca Jaroff

Rebecca Jaroff graduated from Ursinus College in 1981 with a major in English and minor in Communication Arts. She worked for ten years as a news editor and news producer at 6ABC in Philadelphia, before returning to graduate school.

As co-director of the U-Imagine! Center for Integrative and Entrepreneurial Studies at Ursinus, Jaroff helps to develop an interdisciplinary curricular and co-curricular learning experience for any student in any major, as part of the “Liberal Arts Plus” mission of the college.

Jaroff has published several articles on 19th-Century American women authors and co-edited a series of monologue and scene anthologies drawn from 21st-century American plays.

In 2013, Jaroff received the Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching, which reflects her passion for helping students learn how to lead creative, satisfying, and useful lives.




  • B.A., Ursinus College
  • M.A., Ph.D., University of Delaware


Literary Theory
American Literature
The Environment and Literature
Women’s Literature

Research Interests

Nineteenth-century American Women Writers
Experiential learning
Entrepreneurial studies

Recent Work

Dr. Jaroff’s current research project involves identifying the key players in an anti-slavery/women’s rights debate conducted through letters to a local newspaper during the 1850s. She is being assisted by an undergraduate student in history and working in the archives at the Montgomery County Historical Society.