American Heart Association to Support HaMM Lab Research in Innovation and Discovery Center

The AHA Institutional Enhancement Award (AIREA) is designed to support research into cardiovascular diseases and stroke at educational institutions. Read the story

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The Higher Ed Report for Journalists

Addressing “Hidden” College Costs: A Donor-based Solution to Costs Beyond Tuition
How philanthropy can support students, and trending toward more focused giving.

When a Small Data Point Leads to Big Student Success
Ursinus College has had success using some creative markers to not only track, but predict, students who may struggle on campus.

It Takes a Village to Recruit a Student
Ursinus puts its people, and not only its admissions staff, on the front lines of the recruitment process.

Busting the Myth of the Penniless Poet
Myth #1: Liberal arts grads end up stuck in low-paying jobs. Fact: Liberal arts graduates are successful, and happy, across a wide variety of fields.

Strategies for Choosing Your School 
Many students who are admitted to multiple schools don’t have a clear first choice. What should they consider when making a decision?

College Price
What the average American college actually pays for their education isn’t always clear. Hint: it’s a lot less than sticker price.

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  • Conservative Newswork: A Report on the Values and Practices of Online Journalists on the Right

    Columbia Journalism Review: Tony Nadler, an associate professor of media and communication studies, and his research team published a report on partisan news media in the United States.

  • Covid-19: The Crisis That Launched 1,000 Student Surveys

    The Chronicle of Higher Education: Shannon Zottola, vice president and dean of enrollment management, talks about the recent survey sent to accepted students and high school counselors about how to best help prospective students get a feel for Ursinus despite on-campus visits being cancelled. Please note that this article may be behind a paywall to access.

  • Colleges stand to lose millions because of the coronavirus

    The Philadelphia Inquirer: Shannon Zottola, vice president and dean of enrollment, was quoted in this article in which Ursinus was highlighted for a recent survey on accepted students and their needs now that on-campus visits have been cancelled.

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