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Academic Affairs

Providing leadership and resources to support the intellectual and professional growth of students, faculty and staff. 

We facilitate curricular and co-curricular experiences that foster students’ intellectual development, moral awareness, and curiosity so they can effectively engage with a complex and ambiguous world.

To fulfill this mission, we develop and sustain a learning environment.  These shared values allow us to model our commitment to education in all that we do:

Curiosity is approaching our work with the idea of not knowing it all; that there is always more to learn; that my perspective and world view are not shared by everyone. It is a sincere interest in dialogue and a desire to add to my knowledge and awareness. It is a willingness to learn from and teach others, and to seek out diverse opinions.

Trust is a fundamental assumption that each individual is always doing his or her best, based on his or her view of the world. There are two parts to trust: trusting the person’s ability to accomplish something, and trusting the person’s commitment as part of a team. Trust is our willingness to suspend judgement in the current moment; to believe the person is honest, capable, and reliable.

Confidence is having the courage, agency, and assurance to provide space for all to think independently, speak honestly, and take risks freely. It enables us to accept challenges, confront difficulty, and overcome obstacles in order to reach our potential both individually and collectively. As leaders we have the confidence to embrace new and innovative ideas in collaboration with others.

  • The 2020 CoSA event took place virtually, April 23 through 30, in Digital Commons, and two of the students who supported the entries will be rewarded for their engagement. The CoSA Committee offered a raffle for students who made constructive comments on their peer’s presentations. The committee is pleased to share the results of the raffle. Congratulations to these lucky students and to all of the students who presented in CoSA.

    First prize:10.2” 128GB iPad

    Winner - Jorge Arrisueno ’20

    Second prize: Chromecast Ultra

    Winner - Matthew Balestriere ’21

  • Student Nominations Requested for Faculty Commencement Awards by Friday, March 20th

    While commencement is a time primarily to mark the accomplishments of our graduating students, it also is a time when Ursinus College recognizes the distinguished achievement of a few faculty members. Students have the opportunity to nominate faculty members for recognition by the campus community through their receipt of the following two awards. The awards will be given as part of the Commencement ceremonies in May. Recipients are nominated by students, recommended by a committee composed of faculty and administrators which submits a short list to the President, who under the terms established for the awards, makes a final selection. The deadline for nominations is March 20, 2020. Jones Award for Distinguished Advising and Mentoring: An adviser works in a formal advising capacity, such as first-year advising or major/minor advising. A mentor is a person who offers guidance, support, role-modeling, and advice to another person. To nominate a faculty member for the Jones Award and see a list of eligible faculty, use this form. Lindback Distinguished Teaching Award: For many years Urisnus has recognized faculty members for outstanding teaching by awarding the Distinguished Teaching Award. The award is given in recognition of teaching excellence. To nominate a faculty member for the Lindback Award and see a list of eligible faculty, use this form. For more information about these awards visit our webpage.

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