Career Coaching

The office of Career and Post-Graduate Development seeks to ensure that Ursinus graduates are strongly positioned to succeed. To set themselves up for success, students are encouraged to partner with career coaches. During interactions students talk about their goals and identify the realities that may impact those goals. Coaches then help students to identify the options that are available, which then enables students to develop a plan for what they will do.

Meet our Career Coaches

Amy Brink

Amy Brink (9)

Amy’s career coaching style is encouraging and student centered. She establishes goals with students based on their strengths and needs. Amy also ties in one of Four questions asking “What will you do?” and challenges you to address potential barriers and encourages creative solutions to overcome those hurdles. Amy believes in allowing you to have autonomy in the coaching process, trusting and believing in your abilities to understand yourself and your needs. Amy creates a safe, comfortable and focused environment for career coaching to help every student and alumni GROW out of their experience. Full Profile

Michele Poruban

Silver Linings. I try to live all aspects of my life, personal and professional, with the idea that there is hope and something good to be found in every situation, including those moments that challenge and test us. That positive philosophy has helped me to frame my work with students as a career coach, supporting students and alumni as they navigate their lives and carve their future paths. All of my conversations with students and alumni are anchored to the Core question, “What matters to me?” as we partner to identify goals and set an action plan into motion.

You will hear me say it time and time again, working one-on-one with students is the best part of my day, so I look forward to the opportunity to meet with any UC Bear out there- come and see me! Full Profile

Your Journey with your Career Coach

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(Goal, Reality, Options, Will)