Lauren Novotny '20 a Biochemistry and Molecular Biology major interned at Bristol-Myers Squib...Lauren Novotny '20 a Biochemistry and Molecular Biology major interned at Bristol-Myers Squibb.

Internship Deadlines, Process, and FAQs

Fall Note: : Remote internships are allowed for students regardless of vaccination status, for credit. Students are allowed to participate in off-campus, in-person internships; remote internships; or a hybrid of in-person and remote, if they have been vaccinated, for credit.

Internship Learning Agreement and Registration Deadlines

  • Fall:  Second Friday of the Fall Semester
  • Winter: Second Friday in January
  • Spring: Second Friday of the Spring Semester
  • Summer:  Second Friday in June (June 11, 2021)

Internship Process

  1. Find your internship.
  2. Obtain a Faculty Internship Advisor. Meet with this advisor to discuss the department’s requirements for credit and work together to create your Internship Learning Objectives.
  3. Register for the internship course through the registrar’s office during the course registration period or use an add slip to add the department internship course to your schedule.  Most department internship courses are 381 or 382.  Be sure to include the season worked  internship code. (A=Fall, B=winter, C=Spring, D=Summer).  For example, if you are doing a 4-credit Biology internship during the summer, you would register for BIO382D. 
  4. Complete the online Internship Learning Agreement (ILA).
  5. Complete the Internship Waiver and Release Form.

    A virtual internship is an experience where the student intern gains experience while working in a remote professional setting, not in a physical location.

    In the pre-reflective section on the Internship Learning Agreement (ILA) students should answer the following questions in addition to the pre-reflection question.

    • Identify how the remote setting will support your work toward the objectives written in the ILA
    • Write a short paragraph describing how you will regularly (ex. once a week) and remotely connect with your Site Supervisor throughout the internship.
      • Include how many hours you have planned to work remotely.
      • Include any additional activities (ex. research on creating remote workouts for teen athletes) and the number of hours to complete those activities.
  6. You must meet the internship deadlines for registering for the course and completing the online ILA form.
  7. Complete the online  Internship PREP  course.  It is recommended you complete the course prior to starting your internship.
  8. Monitor the form throughout the process to be sure all portions have been submitted. Follow-up as necessary.
  9. Complete the Evaluation form and Post-reflection portion which will be sent to you  near the end of your internship.

Internship FAQs