Evaluating and Accepting a Job Offer

Evaluating Job Offers

An offer can arrive anywhere from one day to six weeks after your second or third interview.  Continue to make a good impression when the offer arrives.  In a professional manner, convey your enthusiasm and excitement to the employer who has just made an offer to you.  Don’t accept the job offer on the spot.  Although you may have already been considering the possible offer, you need time to evaluate all the factors of this decision.  Have a date in mind when you give the employer your decision prior to receiving an offer so you won’t get caught off guard - be prepared to negotiate the date when a decision must be made.  Employers know you are interviewing with other organizations and will appreciate your being honest and careful about your decision.

Acceptance Letter

When accepting a job offer, you want to follow-up with a note that reinforces the employer’s decision to hire you, and confirm the terms of your employment. These terms include salary, starting date, and necessary preparations. Often this letter may follow a telephone conversation or a meeting where these terms are discussed.

Thank the individual(s) for the opportunity and state how pleased you are to accept the position. Mention again your interest in this type of work. Confirm any paperwork or preliminary steps the company/organization requires of you.

Sample Letter

50 Pine Tar Tree
Stowe, PA 19454
May 1, XXXX

Ms. Raquel Smith
Director of Corporate Public Relations
The Alpha Corporation
Louisiana Street
Washington, DC 99887

Dear Ms. Smith,

Thank you for your offer of employment with The Alpha Corporation. I am very pleased to accept the invitation to join the firm as an Information Specialist at the salary and terms described in your letter dated April 22, XXXX.

I will be able to report to work on June 15, XXXX and will have completed the employee orientation and medical examination by that time. Also prior to that date, I will be in touch with your office regarding any additional pre-employment procedures. The financial aid defraying my moving expenses is greatly appreciated and is a key factor in my ability to relocate so quickly. Per your request, I am keeping receipts related to my move to submit for reimbursement.

I am looking forward to joining the company and working with your outstanding staff. Thank you for your confidence in me and for the opportunity this represents.


Courtney Grayson

Evaluating Job Offers

Factors to Consider*
The Organization
  • Reputation
  • Growth potential
  • Size
  • Financial Stability
  • Quality of the management team
The Job
  • Training Program
  • Day-to-day work
  • Stress/pressure
  • Relocation/travel
  • Independence on the job
  • Salary
  • Opportunity for advancement
  • Benefits package (e.g. health care plan, 401k plan, vacation, etc.)
  • Physical work environment
  • Supervisor
  • Opportunity for continuing training/education
General Lifestyle Issues
  • Comfort with the organization’s goals/philosphy
  • Geographic location
  • Recreational, cultural, educational facilitites
  • Proximity of educational institutions for further study
  • Value of life/work balance
  • Dress requirements

*Adapted from the job search Handbook of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill