Frequently Asked Questions

Review the frequently asked questions regarding insurance-related matters or driving for college business.

Accidents - all drivers

To whom should a college driver report a vehicle accident?

Report all accidents to the Director of Environmental Health and Safety & Risk Management and your supervisor as soon as possible following the accident.  All drivers should be aware of the college’s accident reporting procedures.

    Use of personal vehicle for college business

If an employee driving for college business (not driving to and from work) is injured, does workers’ compensation insurance cover the medical bills?

Yes, the college’s workers compensation insurance will cover the medical bills for the employee.

If an employee drives a personal vehicle for college business and is subsequently involved in an accident, does the college’s automobile insurance cover damages to vehicle?

No.  The insurance of the owner of a personal vehicle is the primary insurance when personally-owned vehicles are used for College business.

Renting a car on behalf of the College

If an employee rents a car on behalf of the college, should the employee purchase additional insurance?

No, the college’s insurance policy covers the use of rental cars.

Where should an employee obtain a copy of the college’s insurance card?

Insurance cards can be obtained by contacting the Facilities Services Office Coordinator at 610-409-3246 or, or the Director of Environmental Health and Safety & Risk Manager at 610-409-3221 or

For employees driving a college leased van or van rented through Facilities Services, insurance cards are located in the glove box of the leased van and in the envelope with the rental agreement for the rented van.

May I use my personal EZ pass with a college leased or rental vehicle?

No, the college leased or rental vehicles are not registered with your EZ pass.  Pennsylvania and Maryland have toll by plate.  New Jersey, New York and Delware still accept cash at most locations. Check the state(s) that you plan to travel for specific information.

Students and Volunteers

Does the college cover medical expenses for students injured while on a field trip?

No, the college requires proof of medical coverage for each student prior to the start of the academic year.  All costs associated with the injury fall to the student’s medical insurance.

Are non-students or non-employees permitted to ride in college vans?

No, only current faculty, staff, and students are permitted to ride in college vans.

Are volunteers that drive a college owned vehicle or rented vehicle on behalf of the college covered by the college’s insurance?

Yes.  Volunteers must have been vetted through Human Resources prior to driving on behalf of the college.

Property Damage

Are student’s personal belongings damaged by water as a result of a sprinkler activation caused by student misbehavior covered by the college’s insurance?

 No. The parent’s homeowner’s policy or the student’s renter’s policy would cover the costs.  For more information, view the Student Handbook.


Contact the  Director of Environmental Health and Safety & Risk Management if you have additional questions about insurance coverage or driving for college business. If you have questions about contracts, contact the Business Office.